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The Rage:OFR
The Crew

The Fluid Games Crew and our Crew at the bottom!!!

The Fluid Games team is composed by these components:

- Alberto Candussi:
He developed a game very similar to Micro Machines, never published but pretty good; he also developed the game "Medley- The Game", for the film Medley, released some months ago in Italian cinemas.

- Nicola Candussi:
He is famous for having developed the plug-in for Direct3D for PSEmuPro.

- Federico Specht:
He is the member of a local music band, the "Ardesia"

- Davide Marcato:
He is a very famous COM programmer and he has a lot of experience on business.

OFR Site Crew
Tim Jacobs (AKA Jimmy Cub,scubby,scubbydum,Jcubz) - i do everything for this site at the moment

MC Tom - Design idea's,graffix and banners(comming soon).